Best Camping Mattress – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Planning for a camping over the top of hills or somewhere away from the busy city life?

Or, planning to gift your partner a star’s full night under the open sky?

But tensed about how to bring that home-like comfort to enhance the fun?

If so...

Then don't worry I am here with a list of all the best camping mattress to ensure a perfect holiday that will refresh your mind!

After 3 days’ research, I am here to introduce you to the top 5 camping mattress that will make your moments more memorable and comfortable.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Camping Mattress

Before making a purchase, there are some few things that you must consider.

So, let me give you a short list of things that. you must consider...

  • Firstly, you must know everything about the area you are going to camp.
  • Then accordingly choose the top rated camping mattress suitable to use there.
  • Check the product carefully before going on the camp. It is just to stay sure as everything might have some defect.
  • Next, think wisely with a calm mind before making your purchase.

Best Camping Mattress Comparison Table








SoundAsleep Products

8 x 15 x 19 inch

18.96 pounds

1 year

4.4 out of 5

Lightspeed Outdoors

6.25 x 55 x 79 inches

6 pounds

1 Year

4.2 out of 5


38 x 78 x 4 inches

10.9 pounds

1 Year

4.6 out of 5


80 x 60 x 8.8 in

9.7 Pounds

1 Year

3.9 out of 5

SoundAsleep Products

78 x 60 x 9 inches

13.5 pounds

1 Year

4.2 out of 5

Top 5 Best Camping Mattress Reviews

“This extra thick layer ensures durability. So, enjoy the trip on it as roughly as you want but I guarantee you that you will return with the mattress being the same!”

This a super stylish looking camping mattress with a beige body. The look will make you feel that you are nowhere far from your own bedroom!

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress - Best Camping Mattress


  • It has Comfort coil technology with 40 internal coils fit into it! This coil helps to increase the durability as well produces the utmost support and comfort that you desire.
  • The coils are technically fit to keep your mattress flat and will not let you feel the essence of vacuum in this air-filled mattress!

    Now, you must be worried about how to inflate a mattress that even while camping...

    But, don't worry its very simple.
  • This top rated camping mattress has patented 1 click Internal pump, which will surely make your inflation and deflation easier.
  • It takes only about four minutes to fluff it up completely! So now, by using it you won't have to waste your fun time behind inflating or deflating it.
  • Moreover, it is an exclusive queen sized mattress with dimensions of 78"×58"×19" inches. Thus, you can enjoy your night on this camping mattress without any disturbance for the shortage of space!
  • For your safety, this mattress is designed with a gripping bottom layer. Thus, you won't have to fear about skidding off while sleeping on it.
  • This camping mattress also has an extra thick waterproof top. So now you won’t have to compromise your fun during camping just to keep your mattress clean!
  • This extra thick layer ensures durability. So, enjoy the trip on it as roughly as you want but I guarantee you that you will return with the mattress being the same!
  • It has materials that resist puncture, thus will prevent your mattress from any sort of damage!

What We Like

  • This mattress is soft, comfortable and is designed perfectly by leaping your needs in mind!
  • This mattress has high durability with thick, waterproof and puncture resistant materials.
  • Due to its compact packaging and the super flexible carry bag you can carry this camping mattress anywhere.
  • That too without any tension of extra weight as this is only 19 pounds.
  • This Mattress also has a warranty of 1year which is an additional advantage indeed!

What We Didn't Like

Some found this mattress to be uncomfortable and not as soft as they thought. But that is strictly due to differences in taste.

So, if you are heading towards a camp holiday and want to carry mattress which is feasible in comfort as well as for carrying.

Then I would suggest you buy one for yourself.

To get this all you must do is ...

Click the link below!

“Not only comfort and ease this mattress is also made by keeping your health in mind. This mattress contains so PVC and phthalates.”

Are you planning to go on a holiday with your wife or with a special friend?

Then let me present the next camping mattress which will be just perfect for your purpose...

The Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel.

This mattress is the perfect one if you are planning a holiday for two!

Milliard Tri folding Mattress - Best Camping Mattress


  • It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane TPU material that makes it small thus very light in weight.

    So, this can be the best choice for your ease of carrying it at any place at any time!
  • It is a queen-sized mattress with dimensions of 79"×55"×6.5" inches.

    This super spacious mattress is just perfect for two persons to use it with complete ease and comfort for a peaceful night's sleep after the adventurous camping!
  • Not only comfort and ease this mattress is also made by keeping your health in mind.

    This mattress contains so PVC and phthalates.

    Thus, it doesn't contain any chemicals keeping you and the environment completely safe and healthy.
  • This mattress also has two Boston valves. It makes the inflation and deflation easy.

    One of the valves is used for inflating or deflating while the other one is used only to let air to adjust the mattress to your comfort level.

    So, now you can enjoy camping and enjoy the night's sleep on such a mattress which won't ask you to compromise with your firmness level.
  • "Can you imagine a mattress with stabilizer?"

    Yes, this mattress has a patented stabilizer which connects the bottom to the top.

    This greatly reduces your bouncing and movement sensations thus now you can move freely without disturbing the other one!
  • Also, this mattress with the great stabilizer system spreads weight throughout the mattress. Thus, providing you the utmost support to get rid of the adventure's tiredness.
  • This mattress has a 1-year warranty. Thus, you won't have to worry about any manufacturing defect for 1year.

What We Like

Now after listening to its mesmerizing features, you must be wondering what is special about it than others...

So, let me tell you,

  • It is a lightweight mattress weighing only 6 pounds. Thus, it is easy to carry in any camping trips!
  • It comes with a battery-operated pump. Thus, you can just fit the pump and leave it to fill up with air all by itself!
  • It has an oversized carryable bag. So, you can use it to keep the mattress safe.

    And no wonder you can use the free space to fit your other stuff too!

What We Didn't Like

This mattress is quite a perfect one. But everything on earth has defects.

So, after my research, I found out that...

  • Some found this mattress a bit harder than expected.
  • Some told it was not fit enough to hold their 'late night stuff!'

    While some complained that their mattress did not inflate well. But as you know, you can change your mattress for any manufacturing defect.

So, now as you know a lot about this mattress, I think you got the idea that this is a suitable camping mattress for those who wants something healthy, feasible and lightweight.

So, if you are willing to make this mattress a part of your camping trip then without any delay visit the link below for any information about price.

Before you get to know about the rest reviews. Check out our different reviews...

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“So, even if any uncertain accidents occur you can always wash it and keep your mattress new!”

Now time to place something revolutionary before you!

Yes, I am talking about Milliard Tri folding Mattress, with Ultra Soft Removable Cover and Non-Slip Bottom.

This is the best mattress that is made of foam instead of air!

With the comfortable foam construction, it is surely going to change your sleeping experience in the camp.

Milliard Tri folding Mattress - Best Camping Mattress


  • This mattress allows air to flow freely and enabling proper ventilation to keep you cooler while sleeping.

    It will gently regulate the temperature and provide you a restful night's sleep that will make you even more energetic and ready for an adventurous journey!
  • This mattress has a tri-folding system. Thus, sleep on it and then just fold it and wrap it inside the bag it comes with.

    Now you don't even have to take the pain of filling up the mattress with air.

    It is indeed that simple!
  • This is a luxurious mattress that will promise to give you the perfect Comfort that you need to make your night a relaxing one!
  • Its tender touch will support your body and prevent ant stressful conditions at night.
  • This mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified. Thus, this is a reliable mattress which can be a perfect choice for any movable sleeping accommodation.
  • It also has an anti-slip bottom. Thus, it will give you a strong grip when you lay down on this camping mattress.
  • Moreover, this mattress also has a bamboo cover which is completely removable and washable.

    So, even if any uncertain accidents occur you can always wash it and keep your mattress new!

What We Like

  • This mattress will change your Camping experience with a revolutionary change...that is the foam constructed surface.
  • So, you won't have to sacrifice your regular sleeping habit on foam mattress for any camping!
  • Next, it is easy to fold and you must bear no tantrums of filling the mattress with air.
  • Additionally, it will get you rid of the fear of "Whether the mattress will fluff up nicely and fully or nor!"

What We Didn't Like

  • This mattress is too soft according to some people.
  • Some people found it as only pieces of foam.
  • Some this flaw is due to different perceptions.

    So, who knows this might be the perfect one for you!

I found this mattress quite impressive.

So, this mattress is for those who doesn't want to give up their sleeping habit on typical foam mattress for a trip and want to take the perfect feel of comfort and restful sleep.

Now the decision is yours...

If you are willing to buy this for yourself then visit the link below to get the top rated camping mattress at the best available price!

“So, don’t worry if you are fat or thin, or if the place you are visiting is warm or cold. This mattress will serve you the best!”

Now time to tell you about the next top camping mattress!

Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Queen

This is a mattress which is going to take care of all your needs!!

Feeling hot while sleeping? this mattress will regulate the heat to keep you cool.

Finding the firmness level uncomfortable?

It will match the perfect level for you!

Yes, now you can make a mattress listen to all your tantrums!

Intex Classic Downy Airbed - Best Camping Mattress


  • This mattress has airbeds. Thus, the firmness will vary depending on location, humidity, temperature and weight if the user!

    So, don’t worry if you are fat or thin, or if the place you are visiting is warm or cold. This mattress will serve you the best!
  • It has a plush waterproof surface. That gives you comfort along with good hygiene. So, you can enjoy at the best on you Camping mattress without any worry of spoiling it.

    Also, sleep on it without any worry of discomfort!
  • This mattress has a flocked top with wave beam. The wave beam adds more comfort to your sleeping experience and provides you a peaceful night's sleep.
  • The flocked top makes the mattress softer which will make you feel to be on it for ages!
  • The best of its features is that it has a 2 in 1 valve which has an extra-large opening. This will allow you to inflate and deflate the mattress faster so you don’t have to waste your enjoyable time after it.

What We Like

Since you have been acquainted with all its features. You have already come to know how good it is

But still, let me clear your doubts about why to choose this mattress over the other camping mattresses.

  • This mattress can be easily inflated and deflated with any manual or electrical air pumps.
  • It has a dimension of 60"×80"×8.75" inches. Thus, it is fitted for at least 2 peoples to sleep on it comfortably.
  • Its extra-large high also adds to the benefits while camping in lowland areas.

What We Didn't Like

  • Since it has airbeds this takes about 72 hours to fully stretch or deflate after newly bought.

    But even after that, it is the airbeds that increase its durability.
  • Some people complained about it being too soft. But as you know you can change its firmness according to your choice.

So, according to me, this is a good enough mattress with the fest quality materials.

This mattress is for them who wants air mattress at the lowest price.

Not only that, it’s easy to use features makes it even more demanding.

So, after wise thinking take your decision whether you want to buy it or not. If you want to know any further details about price then just visit the link below.

“The best part is, this mattress has beam air coils that make the mattress long lasting and perfectly suitable for outdoor use.”

If you want to make your camping experience a remarkable one then join me to read the next best camping mattress on my list....

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress with Included Rechargeable Air Pump.

The name justifies itself by having a rechargeable air pump.

Yes, this mattress comes with an air pump which is completely rechargeable be that at home or by using your car!

Moreover, the pump is so fast that the mattress comes in full size just within 3 minutes

Isn't that great?

You don’t have to worry about inflating or deflating it during your camp!


  • This mattress in exclusively made with thicker materials in order to bear the certain adverse conditions outside.

    So that your fun time remains intact without worry of any other things.
  • You can also buy the mattress in either twin or queen size depending on your need. 

    So, now you don't have to worry about the number of members in the trip as you can reluctantly choose your own mattress size!
  • This mattress also has a carry bag which makes it easy to carry the mattress at the camping site.

    So, being easy to carry it is a desirable product to join your fun camping trips!
  • The best part is, this mattress has beam air coils that make the mattress long lasting and perfectly suitable for outdoor use.

What We Like

  • This mattress is long lasting with comfort coils and beam air coils included in it.
  • It is super easy to inflate and deflate it with the rechargeable air pumps.
  • It also has anti-slip materials which provide better grip and avoid slipping off.
  • This mattress also has a 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defect.

    So, if you find any manufacturing defect after your purchase then just change your old one in exchange for any new one.

What We Didn't Like

  • This mattress is made of PVC. So, if you want something safer then this is not for you.
  • Sometimes the yellow valve cannot hold air even after being pulled out.
  • While in some cases the electric pump couldn't produce enough pressure to fill the mattress with air.

So, this is a good mattress that you can try for yourself.

If you want something comfortable and fast filling air mattress then this is the mattress for you.

If you want to buy this mattress for yourself then visit the link below. To get the best products at the moat reasonable price!

Recommended Best Camping Mattress

Now, since you know much about the top 5 camping mattress let me help you find out the 'best' among the 5 camping mattresses.

After my long 120 hours of research, I found the Milliard Tri folding Mattress, with Ultra Soft Removable Cover and Non-Slip Bottom the best.

This exclusive mattress is made of foam which is super luxurious.

Milliard Tri folding Mattress - Best Camping Mattress

The comfort will provide will make you feel at home. It provides the utmost supports that hold your body well enough throughout the night's sleep!

Not only that this mattress allows air to flow freely thus regulating the temperature to provide a cooler night's sleep.

This mattress has a tri-folding technology thus you can wrap it up as soon as you finish using it.

You don't even have to wait to allow it to inflate or deflate!

This Mattress has an anti-slip bottom thus giving you the relief of being safely glued on the surface without slipping.

With the removable bamboo cover, this mattress has really proved to be the best as it has everything one would desire.

So, you just simply peel off the cover and give it to wash after your trip!

Final Verdict on Best Camping Mattress

As I have given my choice now...

The decision is completely yours because you know yourself better and only you know what type of camping mattress will suit your special camping trip!

So, think quickly and don't delay making your purchase. To buy it and to know any further details about price just visit the link below.

Hope I have helped you enough to choose camping mattress.

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