Best Cooling Mattress – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Mattress can be soft or hard; broad or thin. But along with it who wouldn’t want a mattress to keep them cool?

I am sure all of us will! Feeling hot while sleeping now just sounds like a myth because now thousands of different cooling mattresses are found in the market. And to find that best cooling mattress is a real challenge!

You have to stroll all through the different stores, or look for reviews on various sites! Thus, to wipe away that worry of your I decided to do a research on the top rated cooling mattress to help you to reach your desired one in a very short time.


Best Cooling Mattress Comparison Table









Dreamfoam Bedding

10 inch

60 Pounds

10 years

4.5 out of 5

Classic Brands

10.5 Inch

78 Pounds

5 years

4.4 out of 5

Advanced Sleep Solutions

2 inch

14 pounds

3 years

4.6 out of 5

Dynasty Mattress

12 inch

100 pounds

30 Years

4.2 out of 5

Sleep Better

3 inch 

37.9 pounds

5 years

3.9 out of 5

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Cooling Mattress

  • Check the materials used in the cooking mechanism.
  • Check the softness level.
  • See if the different foam layers are suitable for you.
  • Check whether it is friendly for your health or not.
  • Make sure it does not contain any harmful chemicals that will not affect your health.
  • Make sure you buy the mattress after matching its size with the mattress case.
  • Check the product precisely before accepting it.
  • Make sure the mattress you are going to buy has quality materials that will last longer.
  • Do not forget to keep the receipt safely.
  • Lastly go through this article well to get your desired cooling mattress.

So, after a long 1-month research I have short listed only 5 mattresses which are the top rated cooling mattress in the market. Now all you have to do this join me in my journey and get to know all about it…

Top 5 Best Cooling Mattress Reviews

“So, cut off your cost and simply have the best feeling of relaxation on your best mattress!”

The first best mattress in my list is the Dream foam bedding Arctic Dreams 10-inch Cooling Gel Mattress, Queen.

This mattress features the best combination of latex and Visco by being made of the unique cooling foam the Energex foam! With its utmost lively feeling, it will make your sleeping experience the best one!


  • Energex is the best alternative to the traditional spring foams and those memory foams in the market. So, won’t that be great having both the feelings in the same mattress?

    So, cut off your cost and simply have the best feeling of relaxation on your best mattress!
  • This mattress has the perfect blend of softness! It's neither too hard nor too soft ‘JUST PERFECT’ softness will simply take your mind your mind away from all other things and make you fall in love with this mattress.
  • So, once you buy this mattress be prepared to take the risk of missing your work or enjoying the nights to its best. Because the perfect medium softness feel will not let you get up. Not only that this will also be beneficial for your bones too!
  • To give the cooling feel this mattress has a gel infused in it. This gel takes away your body heat and gives you a cooler surface to sleep on! Thus, now you will get rid of the constant tossing around while sleeping to find cooler regions.
  • The chillness will be experienced everywhere on the mattress. Thus, say bye to the discomfort of sleeping and welcome the best nights’ sleep with this top cooling mattress.
  • It has a 0.75 inch of soft quilting layer on the top. Thus, with its soft motherly pampering, you can enjoy your night’s sleep on the softest and the most comfortable place.
  • The next layer is the 2.5 inches of Energex foam. This foam is not an ordinary one it will adjust so readily with your body’s shape that will not miss having a memory foam at your home. Once you lie on it, your responsibility will be totally taken off by it.
  • The last layer being the 6.75 inches of the high-density layer makes our mattress longer lasting. Thus, once you buy it. You no longer will have to think about buying a new one! Because it will serve you for years without being damaged.
  • And as a bonus point, it has a 10 years warranty. Thus, it will promise to serve you for at least 10 years. And within that time even if you find any defect in it, you don’t have to worry because you can easily get a new one in return of it.
  • Now that you know all the features of this cooling mattress you should also know about some of its pros and cons which will definitely help you to take the best decision.

What We Like

  • This mattress is made in the USA with the best craftsmanship.
  • It has used all the best quality materials in its formation.
  • ​The comfort layer is gel infused to keep you cool.
  • ​It has an Energex foam layer that quickly adjusts to the shape of your body.
  • ​The Energex layer gives you a lively feel from your mattress.
  • ​It has a medium soft feel which is perfect for all softness lovers.
  • ​It has a soft quilting layer on the top of extra comfort.
  • The polyurethane high-density layer makes the foam longer lasting.
  • It has a 10 years warranty!

What We Didn't Like

  • Some complained that this mattress is way too soft for them. But do not worry just check your item carefully before getting it!

Now that you know everything about this cooling mattress the decision is completely yours. And if you choose to buy it for your then simply visit the link given below!

"Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10.5-Inch Mattress"

The next mattress in my list is the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 10.5-inch Mattress, Queen.

Do you have back pain? And tired of dealing with it?

If so then let me tell you that this mattress is the perfect solution for you. It will vanish your back pain in no time and will give you the best feeling on earth that is; being healthy.


  • This mattress is made of memory foam that will conform to the shape of your body. And I bet you that this memory foam is better than all the other memory foam mattresses on the market!
  • Once you lay on this mattress it will immediately adjust to the unique shape of your body but won’t let you feel that you are sinking. It will hold you up by stop adjust with your shape and give you the most comfortable sleep.
  • Not only that it will be a budget saving for you too. Because once you buy by the magical comfort and confirmation of the memory foam your back pain will vanish in no time. Thus, you can save your money spent on the doctor and might go on a shopping with that too!
  • The best part of this memory foam is that it has gel infused in it. That will give you the best cooling experience ever. So, once you lay on it will gently take away your body heat and give you a constant regulated cooler temperature.
  • This mattress is something you will surely love to entrust yourself too! Thus…

    Be that winter or summer,
    Spring or autumn…
    It will keep you cooler
    At every unique season!

    So, with the minimum tossing around enjoy the coolest night’s sleep to wake up even more energetic.
  • It has a medium softness feel. Thus, no matter what your softness demand is, it will serve you the best. With its genuine and best quality support, you will enjoy the best night’s sleep at you own home!
  • Not only that it has a mattress cover along with it as well. Thus, you won’t have to spend your extra effort in buying the mattress. The cover is so perfectly stretchable that you won’t find any difficulty in putting the mattress inside it.
  • Ans with most unique and smart cover in its charcoal and gray color you can decorate your room in a newer one! And trust me this going to raise your bed’s standard from bottom to top!
  • It is also Certi-PUR the US certified, for its best quality performance and the best quality product. This once you buy it you can stay tension free because it is completely ensured that there is no compromise with the quality of product used in it.

Now let me tell you about some of its pros and cons as by now you know everything about its features…

What We Like

  • It is made with the best quality memory foam.
  • This mattress conforms perfectly to the shape of your body.
  • ​The high-density memory foam layer has a gel infused in it.
  • ​The gel keeps you cool by regulating your body temperature.
  • ​The best support provided by it keeps your body aches away.
  • ​It is CertiPUR-US certified.

What We Didn't Like

Before buying anything, it is always important to know about its bad sides too. This always leads you to the best decision ever.

  • Some complained that their mattress formed molds soon after the purchase.

Now as you know everything about this cooling mattress, think wisely. And if you decide to buy it then simply visit

“Because no matter how long you stay in one turn this will still not give your body aches.”

The next item on my list is the Gel Memory Foam Topper, Queen Size Mattress. This is the best topper that will give you the best combination of conforming, cooling and yes comfort!

If you have already bought a mattress and not satisfied with its performance then you do not have to worry. Because it is the top rated cooling mattress topper. This will at once change the outlook of our mattress and give you a magical change to your old sleeping habit!


  • It is a 2-inch memory foam topper that will increase the height of your mattress and make it even more classy. With this extra height, you will renovate your mattress with an extra bit of comfort too!
  • This memory foam layer conforms perfectly to the shape of your body. Thus, once you lie on this mattress layer will take your body’s shape and make you feel like being laid on the best comfortable surface.
  • Not only that it reduces the pressure points. Thus, even if you are a gentle sleeper who hardly moves while sleeping This will come as a relief to you. Because no matter how long you stay in one turn this will still not give your body aches.
  • Best of all it has a minimum motion transfer. So even if you move randomly while sleeping this mattress topper is not going to disturb your partner’s sleep. So, without disturbing others you can relish your own sleeping style.
  • Next, it has a cooling technology. This foam has open cells that take away your body heat. And regulate it so well that you will not feel the heat destroying your night’s sleep. And who knows you might even need an air cooler if you buy this mattress topper.
  • It has a medium support that goes very well with the mattress below. And without any doubt, this mattress will simply make you forget your woes about the mattress you bought earlier. Because it will give you the best sleep being in a gang!
  • Best of all this mattress is completely safe for you. It has not used any sort of harmful chemicals such as Ozone Depleting agents, formaldehyde, PBDE, TDCPP or TCEP in it.
  • Being free of this harmful chemical along with mercury, lead or heavy materials it will promise to cause no harm to you. Thus, this will not only give you comfort but also the best security from harmful health issues.
  • And always remember ‘Precaution is better than Cure’ Thus a safe choice of yours can keep your loved one’s safe too!
  • This mattress is also CertiPUR-US CERTIFIED. Thus, you won’t have to believe my words of telling it as safe! Being certified proves it well! So, without any doubt, you can simply go for it.
  • This cooling mattress topper promises not to disappoint you. But they also believe that every customer has a personal. Thus, after you purchase, even if you do not feel like keeping you can simply return your topper and get your money back.

What We Like

  • It is a 2 Inch memory foam that renovates your old mattress.
  • ​It conforms easily to the shape of your body.
  • ​It has an open cell technology that keeps you cool.
  • ​It is free from all the harmful chemicals.
  • ​It has gel infused in it for added coolness.
  • ​It has a money back guarantee.
  • This mattress topper also gives a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty.

What We Didn't Like

​As everything else on earth despite all its good sides, it also has some flaws which you definitely need to know before making your purchase.

  • Some complained that their topper still felt hot.

Now after knowing everything if you choose to buy this mattress topper then simply visit the link below.

“Once you entrust yourself to this mattress you will be taken care of by this mattress no matter how much you weigh”

The next mattress in my list is the Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

This cooling mattress has the best cooling technology that will give you the coolest night’s sleep ever!


  • It has a 3” Gel Foam on the top. Being on the top most layer it takes away your body heat at the fastest speed ever. And regulates it in the best way by keeping you cool all through the night.
  • ​This not only keeps you cool but as a result, it also reduces your constant tossing around to a great extent. Thus, once you lie on it, you will be so taken away with its coolness that you won’t a have to toss further to find cooler regions.
  • ​Next, to ensure that you stay cool it has a dual 2-inch layer of Art Cool Airflow Foam. It’s cooling gel beads will allow better ventilation of air throughout the mattress thus, as a result, keep you cool throughout the night.
  • ​Thus, on total 7 inches of it is incorporated just to keep you cool. Thus, there is no compromise about the coolness that they promise to give you. And to find the best cooling mattress this definitely the one for you.
  • ​Moreover, it has a high-density layer at the bottom. This will give you a string base thus a better support at all time. Once you entrust yourself to this mattress you will be taken care of by this mattress no matter how much you weigh.
  • ​This also reduces your back pain and ensures that you wake up with no pain at all no matter how long your sleeping hours are. So now enjoy your holidays by sleeping without the fear of having any body aches.
  • Moreover, this mattress has a cover along with it. This protects the mattress and prevents it from being dirty by the everyday dust. So, to have the most protected mattress you must go for it.
  • ​This mattress cover is also completely washable. Thus, it is the best one for all the hygiene lovers out there. They can use it and also wash it at regular intervals without destroying its original beauty.
  • ​This mattress cover has zippers on its side. Thus, it is very easy to remove and similarly easy to put it on. Thus, once you buy it you won’t face any hustle to handle it. You can only enjoy its long list of benefits.
  • ​Moreover, it will act as a fire barrier. Thus, even if your house gets fire your mattress will stay safe. Thus, it is resistant to that. So, once you buy it you can be tension free for a lifetime.
  • ​This mattress has a 30-year limited warranty. So, by this, you can very well imagine how confident about their product. And how sincerely they have included all the best things in it.

Now as I am done with telling you about all its features you should also know about some of its pros and cons.

What We Like

  • It is made of gel foam.
  • It has a high-density layer that increases the life span of the mattress.
  • ​This mattress gives you the best support.
  • ​It is a very cool mattress.
  • ​This mattress has a cover along with it.
  • ​It is completely washable.
  • The cover also acts as a fire barrier.
  • ​This mattress has the best technology to keep you cool.
  • It has a limited 30 years warranty.
  • It is CertPUR-US certified thus there is no scope of compromise with its quality.

What We Didn't Like

We know nothing in this world is perfect. Thus, this mattress even after being the best has some flaws which you need to know. So, I am going to share some of the flaws I came across during my research…

  • Some complained that their mattress is too hard than expected.

Now that you know everything about this mattress think wisely. Then if you find it feasible for you, simply go for it. And to buy it visit the link below.

“Thus, once you buy it you will find nothing to complain about its craftsmanship”

The last one in my list is the Iso-Cool Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Outlast Cover, King.


  • This is a 3-inch memory foam that is sensitive to the temperature. Thus, once you lay on it, this will smartly regulate your body temperature ensuring a better and relaxing night’s sleep.
  • ​Keeping you cool it will also reduce your constant movements to find cooler regions. Thus, within no disturbance of constant moving around you can enjoy a really memorable sleep!
  • ​Having it on your mattress will increase its worth a million times by its super effective performance. And to your loved ones who will be using it, it mattress topper will come as a blessing!
  • ​The memory foam layer also conforms to the shape of your body. Thus, as you lie on it without wasting any time it takes your shape and gives you rid from the feeling on lying on a rock!
  • ​It has a cover made completely of cotton. Thus, it is very friendly for your skin and the utmost comfort you will get from this cooling mattress is something beyond your imagination.
  • ​It has 300 thread count! Thus, with its precise and perfect design, it will give you the best outlook and the best finishing. Thus, once you buy it you will find nothing to complain about its craftsmanship.
  • ​This mattress topper is quilted with 11 ounces per sq./yd. rich loft polyester fiberfill. Thus, with its extra coolness, you can also enjoy its extra softness too. It will simply change your old mattress into a new one that too on a very small budget.
  • ​It has 15-inch tight grip skirt that fits mattress up 20 inches deep! Thus, no matter what the height of your mattress it. This mattress topper will make its own place and fit accordingly! And once you fit it you will no longer feel it as an extra part of your mattress!
  • This top rated cooling mattress not only thinks about your comfort but is also concerned about your health. Thus, all the materials used to make this mattress topper is completely safe for you.
  • ​It is also hypoallergenic. Thus, you won’t have to suffer from the constant sneezing and skin irritation while you sleep. No matter how sensitive your skin is this mattress will not act inferior to it!
  • ​Along with comfort and coolness, this is also easy to handle. You can easily wash it off in your washing machine and maintain the best hygiene while taking care about your soothing nights’ sleep.
  • ​The manufacturers are so confident about their product that they are also offering a 2 years warranty’s after your purchase if you find any defect in it, you can easily change it for a new one!
  • This product comes in a very compact packaging for your ease handling. Thus, once you receive it you can carry it to every corner of your home even through the narrowest staircase without any trouble!

Now that you know all the features of this top rated cooling mattress, it’s time that you should also know about some of its good and bad sides that will help you to take the best decision.

What We Like

  • It is proudly made in the USA with the best craftsmanship.
  • ​Iso-cool is a registered trademark thus you can easily rely on it.
  • ​It is 3 inches thick.
  • ​The memory foam layer conforms easily to the shape of your body.
  • ​It keeps you cool by its advanced technology.
  • ​IT has a removable cover.
  • ​The cover can be easily washed in the abashing machine.
  • The cover is made of cotton.
  • ​This mattress has an extra fiber fill quilting layer.
  • ​It is hypo allergenic.
  • ​It has a 2 years warranty.

What We Didn't Like

As all the other things in the world are mattress also has some flaws. And according to me before taking any decision this is an equally important factor that you should know.

  • Some complained that this mattress topper is not at all friendly for people having body aches.

Now that I have told you everything about this mattress the decision is completely yours. So, take your time think wisely and if it suits your demand then go for it.

To buy it simply visit the link given below.

Recommended Best Cooling Mattress

I know decision making is the toughest job ever. And when it comes to the point of planning on a long term purchase it is even more tough!

Thus, I decided to make your job even more easier and recommend the one I found best among them. But don’t think that the other ones are not good it’s just from my point of view!

Among all I found the Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress, Queen the best.

  • For a long time, I have been looking for a mattress that will be able to keep you cool successfully and will be of medium softness! And when I found both qualities I was overjoyed with happiness.
  • Yes, having just, the perfect blend of softness it seemed to be a good one to suit my sleeping habit. Thus, while to meet my demand off coolness it also provided the best surface.
  • ​Next its gel infused memory foam is the best thing I loved about it! The gel simply takes away the body heat and regulated the perfect temperature for the best night’s sleep.
  • ​It is also extremely breathable. And as I love sleeping by changing my position every now and then this seemed it be the perfect one for me! So now sleeping upside down was no longer a matter of worry for me!
  • ​The Energex layer on the other hand ensured that I am not going to miss the lively feel of spring mattress. So, having everything together in one mattress seems simply like a blessing.
  • ​Moreover, the high-density layer gibes the perfect support to the body and increases the life span of the mattress. Thus, once one decides to buy this mattress it will surely turn into a lifetime purchase!

Thus, therefore I found this mattress to be an overall cooling mattress having everything only in one mattress!

Final Verdict on Best Cooling Mattress

I am sure by now you know everything about the best cooling mattresses in the market. So, without wasting any more time just go through all the mattresses precisely and choose the best one for you.

And if you have finally chosen your desired one then just go for it! And I am sure you know yourself the best so only you can make the best decision as per your need.

Hope you have a happy shopping. GOOD BYE!

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