Best Futon Mattress - 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

“We have made a comprehensive market research in searching for the well-known futon mattresses. Their cost, property and building materials are examined in order to help you pick your best futon mattress for you or for your family.”


We have made a comprehensive market research in searching for the well-known futon mattresses. Their cost, property and building materials are examined in order to help you pick your best futon mattress for you or for your family.

A Futon Mattress is of Japanese origin and traditionally placed on the floor and primarily used for sleeping purposes. Now- a- days it can be used on the couch and can be twisted to lock it somewhere.

We have also tried to focus on the reactions of the customers who are using this.

It is the perfect time to look for different categories of a mattress. Because your mattress may push your body from the back and may also sink down in the middle, resulting in inadequate sleep and end up your day with stress and pain.

Your existing mattress is not only responsible for deteriorating your health conditions but also retards your mental ability to think and work. You are becoming less productive if you are already suffering from any types of pain.

Again you have to reconsider if you want to place it on the floor or on the couch. This review provides the necessary features for multipurpose use which benefit the majority of the people who are about to buy a futon mattress or are completely new to handle this.

Best Futon Mattress Comparison Table






Editor Rating



6, 8 inch

69.5 lbs

1 year

4.5 out of 5

Life home

8 inch

60 pounds

1 Year

4.3 out of 5


6 inch

17 pounds

1 Year

3.4 out of 5

D&D Futon Furniture

Not Applicable

14 Pounds

1 Year

4.4 out of 5

Atriva USA

8 inch

34 pounds

1 Year

3 out of 5

Top 5 Best Futon Mattress Reviews

This DHP coil mattress has come with a unique design to give you the best support with its structure and utilize the optimal materials inside to give you the comfort.

The futon arms and frames are not together but you can choose them independently.

Best Futon Mattress - DHP coil futon mattress


  • It is available in two different thicknesses (8” and 6”) and in six different colors.
  • The specialty for the 8” is that an efficient support is made with its 15-gauge pocket coils.
  • The typical dimensions of these special types of mattresses are 75” x 54” x 8 “and 75” x 54” x 6 “.
  • The product is entirely made of polyester.
  • A cover is also included.

What We Like

  • It is entirely made up of polyester to increase the durability and also to remove shrinkage or tears.
  • They emit a very low amount of volatile organic compounds in the surroundings. The Consumer Safety Product Commission also monitored that it is produced without phthalates.
  • These comfortable mattresses contain polyester layering between cover and coils for the ultimate ease and also contain a microfiber cover.
  • They are positioned well in full futon frame.

What We Didn't Like

  • You may get a smell for the first few days after then it will automatically be removed.

  • The mattress is rigid thus cannot be easily folded or bent which enables this mattress to be used primarily for sitting purposes.

Their weight varies from 18.6 to 57 pounds depending on the size and color. If you like firm mattress and think to place it on a spare place then this mattress is for you.

You are free to buy any sizes as both sizes are made with CertiPUR-US certified foam that guarantees the foam is made without any heavy metals.

It offers you with almost the same design as the previous one with the exception that it is much more heavier but you can easily fold it back when requires.

Best Futon Mattress - Home Life Futon Mattress

You should again choose the futon arms and frames individually.


  • This 8” mattress contains all the properties of DHP 8-inch. It is also available in 6-inch.
  • It contains 522 independently-encased coils.
  • All the colors have definite weight from 50 to 60 pounds.
  • They are available in multiple colors (chocolate brown, black charcoal, and tan color).
  • A mattress cover is also applicable.

What We Like

  • The high-quality springs provided you with a different phase of comfort in sleep that you never imagine before.
  • Because of its thickness, the mattress is able to maintain its original shape, size and order after 12 months of usage on a regular basis.
  • This worth the money mattress contains a replaceable cover which can be washed if needed.

What We Didn't Like

  • This mattress is not at all suitable for a heavyweight person who may feel the springs attached to it.
  • It may not be well preferred if you are considering to use for sitting and writing purposes because it is likely to glide.

As the mattress is thick and comfortable, you can put it in your bedroom or other guest room, children room for a good sleep but not for multipurpose uses.

This lightweight mattress is imported from Canada. It contains an excellent property of tufting this ensures you can use this mattress for a pretty long time.

Best Futon Mattress -  DHP Microfiber Futon Mattress


  • It is of eco-friendly in nature.
  • They come in different colors and also their prices vary with colors.
  • Nothing to worry about its position as it can readily fit any size futon frames.
  • It is only available in 6-inch size.
  • Very less weight (near 25 pounds) in shipping process.
  • Not highly compressible.

What We Like

  • DHP Microfiber Futon Mattress has tufted pattern that allows the mattress to retain its original size and shape after a long time use, therefore, it has a higher durability.
  • In addition, this charming mattress has robust microfiber cover to prevent the wearing of parts.
  • The mattress is GREENGUARD GOLD certified meaning that it is scientifically proven to help reducing air pollution.

What We Didn't Like

  • There is an inconsistency in the firmness level as it is going down in the middle which greatly decreases the comfort for whichever purpose it is used.
  • Also not suitable for adult sleeping purposes.

It serves as an emergency purpose when there are many people compared to the number of mattresses. The mattress may not evenly- spaced and moves to the side.

You have the option to put it in the guest room where it is not used on a daily basis. Due to their sturdy nature, they are perfect for hostel rooms, children room or guest room.

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The brand new traditional Japanese floor futon mattress has many things to offer. This mattress is almost like your foldable thick blanket which you use when required.

You can take it to somewhere if you stay there for a long time.

Best Futon Mattress - D&D Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses


  • Very much lighter compared to the other futon mattress (14 pounds).
  • It has thicknesses of only 3”.
  • First, it is filled with white cotton and then a layer of polyester and a layer of foam are introduced.
  • It officially meets the terms and conditions of flame retardants to diminish the destructive effects of people and the environment.
  • It readily fits anywhere in your house.

What We Like

  • This comfortable mattress has a thickness of 3” which can be used to sleep on floor as well as on the couch.
  • The flexibility of the mattress ensures that you can roll it over and keep it in your box and again take out from that when needed.
  • This distinctive feature enables the utilization of your place to the maximum.
  • Due to its light weight you can also take it to your transport when moves out of your house.

What We Didn't Like

  • Almost like sleeping on a floor as it resembles that of a thin sheet.
  • It contains an unavoidable odor difficult to remove.

In case of shipping, the package should be as small as possible to minimize the shipping cost. For this purpose, the mattress can be bent and fold over to compact its size but can be extended to its real size by pulling from both ends.

If you have a small house then this mattress can serve you well as an effective sleeping pad. You can place them during exercise, small party, living room etc.

This US origin mattress assures you the maximum comfort with the minimum space. The fashionable and modern design allows combining them well with your rooms and furniture.

Best Futon Mattress - D&D Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses


  • The mattress is made with standard quality cotton, fiber and foam.
  • It contains full-size futon mattress but not the frame.
  • The product dimension is 74 x 54 x 8 inches.
  • It is available only in 8” size and in different colors (natural or off-white).
  • It is readily suitable for guest bed and sofa bed.

What We Like

  • Contains a 23-lace tufting which provides support to the mattress.
  • The classy cotton and foam certainly make you comfortable.
  • It is a perfect medication bed if you are suffering from arthritis or back pain.

What We Didn't Like

  • Not guarantees for health and environmental safety regulations as the cover contains the writing ‘carcinogenic substances’.
  • It needs to flip in a week or a month so that it holds its shape.

It is very well suited for sleeping purposes due to the uniqueness of its material. You can easily use for both sleeping and other recreational purposes. In your home, you can set it in your room, kid’s room or guest room over the couch or to a sofa.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Futon Mattress

A dream house is what everybody wants. To make a pleasant environment in your house you need a thing that is simultaneously attractive and functional. This perfectly matches with the choice of your distinctive best futon mattress.

Your choice is always the topmost priority. But in order to pick up the best thing this review article has more to offer.

  • Budget

  • Thickness

  • Space

  • Covers

When it is time to buy a mattress try to find the one which offers a covering. Many futon mattresses provide with covering that allows the mattress to protect from dust and contact.

If you want you mattress to last long then do not forget to put a cover.

When you are considering these facts that mean you are very near to buy the best fit futon mattress.

Recommended Best Futon Mattress

So now you have gone through the top 5 futon mattress review. Now it’s time to choose your delicate best futon mattress among these mattresses.

You can easily go for DHP coil futon mattress if you put aside a minimum amount of budget as they are available in two sizes and different colors.

DHP coil futon mattress

It suits you best for its high graded materials used inside the mattress. Moreover, it is also certified for environmental safety.

You have to wait for some days or place it in the air or dryer to prevent the smell.

You may readily sleep over it if you prefer a firm mattress and also used for sitting purposes as well. With a low budget, you can use it for variable functions like all in one.

If you are able to overcome the smell and adjust to its rigidity then this mattress provides you the great solution of your futon mattress.

Final Verdict on Best Futon Mattress

When think of the prices and features of the various kinds of mattresses be careful to think of the shipping cost required.

You have to balance the costs and purposes of your mattress when calculating the overall cost. For shipping case, the mattress must be packaged well when compacted to reduce the cost and at the same time the mattress should be capable of regaining its usual size and shape after stretching at the two sides.

It is true that a mattress is predominantly used for sleeping purpose but it should have the property of proper bending that it can be rolled over to save some space.

And a futon mattress is specially adapted for this occasion. In which way you like to sleep this exclusive futon mattress should support you to its fullest.

Besides all the information here you should go and visit the shop in order to obtain a clear idea of the futon mattress if you are inexperienced with that.

If possible then spent some time to examine your best futon mattress with your own hands and own eyes. A comfy mattress has a major contribution for your sound sleep. Remember a sound sleep guarantees you a good physical and mental health.

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