Best Hotel Mattress - 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

We often go on holidays.

But have you ever thought why do you go for it?

To have a worthy family time is, of course, a reason.

But this the way to recharge yourself for another couple of months before the next trip!

To enrich this holiday of yours the hotel management also must do a tough job finding the best hotel mattress for you to give you better stress relieving holiday.

So, I thought of doing a research, to help the hotel management who care for your best holiday. Or for some people who keeps wondering how they could get a same type of mattress what they enjoyed in a hotel bed. So this hotel mattress review is gonna help you to choose one for your hotel or for your personal use.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Hotel Mattress

Before you buy any hotel mattress you need to keep in mind some few things...

  • First, you need to decide which type of mattress you are comfortable with.
  • Be sure of your firmness level.
  • Think carefully if you have any issues with any type of foam or mattress cover fabric or not.
  • Read about the different types of mattress given below. Check all their features, pros and cons.
  • If everything satisfies you then go for tag mattress.

Lastly, after you receive the mattress go through everything that came with the mattress thoroughly to find any problem in it. Then simply enjoy using your mattress!

After a research of 48 hours, I came across with top 3 hotel mattresses. So, lets first take a look at the comparison table...

Best Hotel Mattress Comparison Table








Live and Sleep

10 inch

79.2 pounds

20 Years

4.6 out of 5

Live and Sleep

12 inch

76 Pounds

20 Years

4.6 out of 5


10 inch

60 pounds

10 Years

4.3 out of  5      

Top 3 Best Hotel Mattress Reviews

“This super luxurious firmness will not only give the visitors a good night's sleep but also draw more visitors towards your hotel!”

Resort Sleep King 10-inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow. It is a king size luxurious mattress that will boost up the interior of the hotel!


  • It has a 2.5 inches viscous Memory - Foam. 
    This conforms to the unique shape of your body and allows to have a perfect night's sleep.
  • The 7.5 inches’ thick high-density foam provides support to your body for a relaxing holiday sleep.
    This layer will surely heal all your body aches making your vacation sleep even more perfect than you expected!
  • Having a thickness of 10 inches this mattress gives you the ultimate feel of a 5-star hotel.
  • This mattress has a high-quality Visco Memory Foam which increases breathability thus enabling the customers to sleep as they wish in whatever position they want!
  • This mattress has the perfect firmness which will definitely like by all sort of people.
    This super luxurious firmness will not only give the visitors a good night's sleep but also draw more visitors towards your hotel!
  • Moreover, this mattress has a 20 years’ warranty! Thus, you can just keep using it without any fear of wearing off!

What We Like

Now let me tell you few things that will help you decide why this mattress this the top rated hotel mattress among all...

  • This mattress has a cooling foam that regulates your body temperature thus allows you to stay cool while sleeping.
    Thus, promoting a distraction free night's sleep.
  • The perfect firmness this mattress provides will surely make you feel like heaven.
  • This is also a CertiPUR-US certified. So, this is a very reliable mattress which will last long.
  • Being eco-friendly this mattress proves that it is designed by keeping everything; both health and comfort in mind!
  • Best of all this mattress has a free memory foam pillow which is obviously a bonus with this hotel mattress.

What We Didn't Like

As everything else on earth has some flaws so does it...

  • Some people complained that they tend to sink in this mattress.

    But as you know if you find any default in manufacturing then you can change your mattress for a new one!

I found this mattress good. This is a cooling mattress with perfect firmness.

So, if you want to get the perfect luxurious hotel like feeling or if you want to turn your hotel in a five-star hotel.

Then just go for it.

Before you check out the rest 2 hotel mattress you can check out our other mattress review as well.

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“Now you don't have to get that pain-relieving massage spending dollar at the beauty salon. As this mattress, this going to true at you the best healing all your shoulder, feet and back pain!”

Do you want to feel like a 5-star hotel being at home?

You surely would want to get that relaxing and recharging night's sleep that you often feel at a holiday.

So, get you towards that sweet sleep I am here to introduce you to the next best hotel mattress!

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-inch Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Memory Foam Pillow.


  • This mattress has a 2.5 inches Premium AirFlow Visco Foam on the top surface.
    This surface allows air to circulate freely throughout the mattress. Thus, regulates the temperature giving a cooler and yet a comfortable sleep!
  • The next layer is the 1-inch Gel infused Memory foam. This gel allows extra ventilation thus giving you that extra breathability that you will find in no other mattress. 
    The super comfortable memory foam will conform to the unique shape of your body.
    Thus, adjust the shape of your body as soon as you change your posture.
  • The next layer is the 8.5 inches’ high-density form that supports all parts of your body spreading your weight throughout the mattress.
    Thus, you won't feel any stress while sleeping and get the perfect five-star hotel like feeling!
  • This High-Density layer will also cut your cost at parlors!
    Now you don't have to get that pain-relieving massage spending dollar at the beauty salon. As this mattress, this going to true at you the best healing all your shoulder, feet and back pain!
  • This mattress also has a stretch knit cover.
    This is made of world class textile. With its soft gentle touch, this matter will take you to one of those luxurious hotels.
  • Not only that this mattress can be zip off or zip on and is completely washable. So along with the comfort, you won't even have to compromise with your hygiene while using this mattress.

What We Like

After listening to the long cue of its features now let me tell you why you should choose this over others...

  • This mattress is comfortable, healthy and eco-friendly.
    So, in one word it is an all in one combination mattress to get you the feel of a hotel mattress.
  • It comes in a very compressed package that is easy for shipment.
  • This mattress has a warranty of 20 years for any manufacturing defect.

What We Didn't Like

Now let me tell you some of its flaws...

  • This mattress has a slight odor after first opened. But don’t worry it won’t last for long.
  • Some people found this mattress harder than expected.
    As you know tastes vary from person to person so does the choice of firmness.

So, after my research, I found this mattress really good.

If you want a mattress which is comfortable, long lasting and with hotel like pleasure then yes this is the one for you.

So, if you want to buy this hotel mattress then hurry up and visit for any further details about price.

“Whether you sleep upside-down

Or sidewise like a clown

This mattress will allow you to breathe

Doesn't that sound like a myth?”

Now let me introduce you to something very classy yet very reasonable in price!

Yes, I am talking about the WinkBeds-Mattress. This mattress with the super classy look and the high-class comfort will give you the ultimate feel of a hotel.

WinkBeds- The name itself reminds its brand!

This is one of the best mattress manufacturing company. That is exclusively known for selling online only!


  • Winkbeds mattress is one of the top rated hotel mattresses with hybrid foam. The different layers of foam produce the utmost comfort that anyone would expect from a hotel mattress.
  • This mattress is just perfect in firmness. Thus, it will allow you to sleep peacefully forgetting all your stress and tensions.
  • This mattress has air springs fitted into it. This allows air to flow through it enhancing the ventilation.
    Thus, you can sleep on it as you wish without suffocation.
  • The gel hybrid layer will always keep you cool along bring an end to the restless feeling at night!
  • This is the only mattress that comes with the hand-crafted cover for uniquely done for each mattress.

    So, if you buy this you can enjoy your unique looking mattress that won't match any other mattress. With comfort as the ‘Must' element in it.

    Isn't that enough to make your friends jealous?
  • Not only that, this mattress also has a high durability. Thus, you can invest once enjoy the pleasure of this mattress year after year!

What We Like

Now let me tell you why this mattress is better than any other mattress. And why should you choose this mattress over others…

  • This unique mattress has a 101-night free trial period.
    So, you can buy it; test it and if you find it of your type only then you can keep it!
  • This mattress with moderate firmness level is very comfortable to sleep and is feasible to sleep with any posture!
  • This mattress will definitely give you the ultimate hotel like feeling!

What We Didn't Like

Now let me tell you about some of its flaws as before purchasing anything you know everything about it!

  • Some people found it too soft and too hot!
  • Other said it is good for people with lighter weight, as heavier people tend to sink in it.

I found this mattress quite comfortable and I would suggest people who want something cheap in price and have an enjoyable hotel-like sleep, this is the perfect mattress for them

Recommended Best Hotel Mattress

As I introduced you to the best 3 hotel mattresses I am pretty sure about how confused you are to find the best among these top rated hotel mattress.

So, let me find you one!

After a long session of research, I found the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-inch mattress with Memory Foam pillow the best.

Now let me tell you why...

This mattress will give you the perfect blend of softness, comfort and thus a beautiful sleep.

This will simply recharge you up being at home by its smooth gentle touch of pleasure.

This luxurious looking mattress will enrich the look of your room in no time!

That old regular room which once seemed dull and boring will turn new and interesting only by the entrance of this hotel mattress!

Don't only go by its looks...

Its mesmerizing features are yet to come!

It has a three layer of comfort blend that works together to give you the desired satisfaction.

The 2.5 inches Premium Airflow Visco Foam allows air to flow throughout the mattress thus preventing you from feeling suffocation while sleeping!

So, now by using this mattress, you won't have to think about your sleeping posture. Even if you sleep by keeping your head upside down this mattress will keep your breathability alive.

This you can sleep, move as much as you wish and your good night sleep will remain good by not being distributed!

Now if you want to cut off your electricity bill then this mattress can be useful for you!

The 1-inch gel infused memory foam will give you that cool and bracing sleep that you will only feel like embracing this mattress.

So, now you won't have to feel hot while you sleep because the days of suffering while sleeping is all gone by the super innovation if this mattress!

Also, the Memory Foam will conform the shape of your body as you make any movement during the sleep. So now nothing is going to come between you and your sleep.

Lastly, the 8.5 inches’ high-density foam will give you the feel of a 5-star hotel!

The way it will take away your shoulder and body ache you will feel as if you have just returned from a 5-star spa treatment!

Doesn't it sound interesting?

Moreover, this mattress has a removable plush stretch knit cover.

So, you can keep your mattress fresh and new for years. And enjoy the feel of a hotel mattress at home for years.

Additionally, this mattress is eco-friendly so without the usage of any harmful chemicals, it will promise to keep your house livable and safe for years!

As a bonus, you will also get a memory foam pillow with its why enjoy only the mattress when you have a MEMORY FOAM PILLOW FREE!

So, if you take my advice then, just go for it from And enjoy all its super features along with the 20 years’ warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Final Verdict on Best Hotel Mattress

Hope I have told you enough.

All the mattress I have discussed here are worth your money. So, don't hesitate to rely on these Mattresses. Being confused is always a must.

But as you know yourself the best.

Take your time, think wisely and choose your type of hotel mattress!

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