How to Buy a Mattress

Who does not want to lie on a cozy bed after a hard day?

However, do you ever think how comfortable is your bed or is it really comfortable at all. If your answer to the second part of the question is “no” then it’s time to change your mattress. May be your mattress is old enough and lost all its firmness. Then you must decide to purchase a new mattress.


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The Points to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Mattress

  • Visit the Website: When you decide to buy a new mattress then you must search through the mattress websites to look for different types, styles, costs, sizes of mattresses and other special features it can offer.

    The cost of the mattress varies with the size and type and also with additional features or materials that fills up the inside of the mattress.
  • Try to go for a reliable brand: You may need to compare the results of different surveys which entail the brand name with their customer satisfaction rate (comfort level, cost, availability, durability, etc).

    You may go with the brand with the highest satisfaction rate but bearing in mind that not everyone’s pleasure is your pleasure.
  • Comfort and Relaxation: As an ideal mattress is synonymous for good sleep then when it’s time to buy a new mattress the first point to be noted is comfort. When you go to buy the product take some time to sit or lay over it for at least 5-10 minutes.

    Only after then you can realize if you are feeling like ‘not getting up’ or it induces your back pain. You must examine the materials in the mattress by touching them over the surface and ask for any handbook for specific details.

    Many people are fair enough with extreme firm mattresses, whereas others prefer the medium or soft.

    There should be a balance between your comfort and budget in which way to select your mattress as a mattress has an average lifetime of 10 years.
  • Size of the Bed: You have to measure the size of your bed. Note it down and then move to the shop to look for that sizes. Too small a size can cause much discomfort and at the other side of the spectrum too large a size can diminish the attractiveness of your bed.

    In fact, if you just want to place the mattress on the floor of your home then you may measure the size of the area that you want to cover with it.

    You must calculate the weight of the mattress; for you cannot easily move heavy mattress if you need to move it or if you are going to change your home.
  • Count your money: There are complaints regarding the high price of the mattress. For this, you have two options to choose. You can order online or go to the nearest shop.

    Ordering online may be the less preferred method because it not only that you have to give more money for transport or other costs but also you lacks the opportunity to examine every detail of the material.

    Once it comes to your house then there will be many things to deal if you are not satisfactory with your product. A high price does not mean a comfortable product. Similarly, large money can never buy a sound sleep.

    Therefore, you should prefer your taste over money in picking up the right thing. There may be branded ones which cost higher than the average price, but it is again up to you whether you are convenient with the branded ones or with the general ones- as mattress is a long term product though not a lifelong product.

    The price of the mattress ranges from $930 to $2180 depending on the spring type to that of the air type.
  • Use your trial period: Many mattress manufacturers issue trial period which is about a month for the proper utilization of mattress. If this offer is provided, then grab the opportunity to start experimenting with the new one.

    This will ensure you a guarantee that the mattress is not susceptible to wears and tears after a month’s use. At first, it may appear rigid and inflexible but you have to allow some time to reshape your body with the mattress.

    Again if you smell a chemical odor in the material, then you can remove this by exposing in air.
  • Check the Warranty Period: Almost all mattress manufacturers provide a warranty period of about 10 years. In case of tears and rips after delivery, the manufacturers will not pay for its damage. In case of any damage in 6-7 years, you have to decide whether you should replace this or purchase a new one.
  • Health Issues: If you are currently suffering from health problems like back pain or rheumatics then it is advisable to consult a physician before selecting your mattress.

    Many weak foundations inside the mattress can cause premature damage to the mattress which may even deteriorate your health condition. Research suggests that a medium firmness mattress is suitable for your spine.

    In that case, the mattress catalog must contain adequate information concerning safety regulations. In other words, you are required to check the medical approval.
  • Negotiate your budget: Try to find a fixed price shop where you do not need to look for your financial gain or loss. In case of variable prices you may get a discount coupon or you can start bargaining to reduce the prices.

    Some stores offer free delivery or may cut the taxes upon the mattress or may fix your mattress without any charge.

Try to Avoid These if Possible

  • Unless you are not busy enough or disable please try to manage some time to go and buy your desired mattress instead of order it online.
  • Never get convinced by shopkeeper’s fair words and persuasive skills as convenience is only up to you. Although you have to listen to him/her as much as possible as he/she has abundant knowledge and experiences in handling them over a long time.
  • Do not accept any product of your choice without its handbook or catalog. This will assure that the product is genuine.
  • Never buy any second-hand mattress as you already know that a mattress is only for one-time use.

So, let’s keep all this in mind and enjoy your shopping.

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