How to choose a mattress

Being successful is something we all dream about! Isn’t it?

But do you know the about key of reaching this success? Many of you must be thinking to study and working hard with complete dedication is the only ultimate solution.

Firstly, let me tell you that you are wrong! Are you surprised or thinking that I am out of my mind?

No, I am not! My research of 2 long days has helped me reach to an ultimate solution to confirmed success.

Working and studying hard cannot always lead to success. The things that are most important for a successful future is good health that comes from a good sleep! So yes, a good night’s sleep can lead you to a successful future helping you to climb up the stairs of success with much ease. This is the reason that there is a saying, “Health is Wealth”.


Now the question is how to get a good sleep that not only refreshes your body but also your soul. Have you ever wondered about it earlier? Maybe the answer is no. But as it is said, “Better late than never.” So, this is the right time you must give it a thought.

And for those with a tightly packed schedule, I must tell you that I am here with a solution that will successfully give you a good sleep. People usually prefer dark and quiet room for a good sleep. Even when these two conditions are fulfilled they do not get a perfect sleep at times or suffers from body ache after waking up leading out to feel worse than before.

In this case, you will have to understand that this is the time you should take a look at your mattress and ask yourself is it suitable for you? Is it giving you the ultimate comfort you deserve?

If not then you should immediately change your mattress and get one that is suitable for you. But again, a problem arises as many people do not know how to choose a mattress for themselves.

Well if this is what you want then I must tell you that you are in a perfect place. The answer to the question of how to choose a mattress might seem to be a complicated one but I can assure you that if you stay with me throughout this article and read all the points thoroughly then choosing a mattress will seem to be the easiest one for you.

Now I must tell you about the most important factors you need to consider before buying a mattress

  • Type of mattress
  • body weight
  • body posture while sleeping
  • adjust
    optimum temperature for different users
  • adjust

Types of mattress

Firstly, I will be telling you about the different types of mattresses available in the market so that you can know their features and decide which one is the best for you.

So below are the different types of mattresses I would like to mention about.

Types of mattress
  • Latex mattress:                                                                                  
    These longer lasting mattress might promise to be with you for 20 years or more. It is different from the rest with its exclusive features. This mattress will give you a very firm feeling exaggerating your comfort experience on the bed. It also includes inner spring in it that enhances its quality even more. A latex mattress can be synthetic or like the normal ones.
    One very good thing about latex mattress is that they prevent the growth of microbes, molds dust mites etc. successfully. Thus, this can be the best option both for your child or for yourself. It will help to keep you away from all sorts of diseases caused by these microbes.

    For your betterment latex mattress comes with two exclusive types so that it can suit the taste of any sort of people. The first is Talalay latex. This is the best one if you choose to sleep on softer mattresses. The other one is Dunlop latex well this is going to be a better choice for those people who prefer intensity over softness.                                                            
  • Memory Foam:

    Well, this mattress will be the best one for you if you prefer softer and warmer sleep. Yes, this mattress is going to give you one of the most comfortable sleep you can dream for. This mattress with the polyurethane core and lesser inner spring will give you a more intense sleep without any bouncy feeling. So now, your partner's movements can no longer hamper your comfortable sleep.

    Even though you know about the features of this mattress but still as today’s market is filled with a great variety of mattresses so you should also be well aware of the different types of memory foam mattresses so that you can choose the best one according to your needs.

    You should firstly take a look at how it looks like and the second judge its softness according to its depth. On a scale of 10, the memory foam mattresses that are 6 more are considered to be the softer and more comfortable ones. while those which can be rated as 3 or less on a scale of 10 are considered to be of lower quality.                                                       

  • Innerspring mattress:

    For people with greater weight, it is suitable for them to choose an innerspring mattress with thicker gauge support. This will give them the comfort they actually desire for.

    Not only this there is also a different type of mattress who loves the bouncy feel but do not want their sleep to be hampered for their partner’s movement while sleeping. Well for them the innerspring mattress with interconnected coils which are pocketed individually with fabric. This will result in reducing the bouncy effect caused by the movements with someone you are sharing your bed with.

    Another thing that you should take into consideration while choosing an innerspring mattress is the outer layer of the mattress. Well, in this case, I would suggest you to not go with the softer ones as it has higher chances of getting compressed and formation of dents in it which you obviously do not want.

    Thus, the best option is to choose a duvet mattress can then using an upper most layer of feather bed or mattress pad to give you the ultimate comfort you desire for.                                                                                  

  • These mattresses can also be defined as a dreamy mattress. They are perhaps the type of mattress people have dreamt of many years back. The reason is that once you buy it you can actually rule over this mattress.

    You can yourself choose the air level inside using a remote control. Not only these it also has other features that are going to make your experience of using this mattress even better.

    It has features that help you to avoid a fight between you and your partner if both of you prefer a different level of firmness while sleep due to its side by side chambers.

    For your concern let me tell you that the top layer of this air-filled mattress is similar to that of innerspring mattresses. That is, it also has duvet foam or fiber filled outer layer for maximizing your comfort.

  • Hybrid means a combination of many. Yes, you are getting it right. This mattress is the formation of several types of mattresses. It is exclusively made with a combination of memory foam, latex, polyurethane foams, coils and many other different sorts of materials.

    These mattresses can successfully give you an all in one comfort feeling. It gives the cooling effect and bounces just like the latex mattresses while giving great support similar to that of the memory foam mattresses.

    In all this mattress can be a great purchase for those who do not afford to compromise on their comfort. 

Body weight

Well, this might seem to be awkward to few buyers but yes, your body weight is a very important factor while you are struggling with the question how to choose a mattress. The pressure points and the amount of shrinkage of mattresses are highly affected by your total body mass. You can either be underweight, overweight or just perfect. But nevertheless, this factor should not affect your peaceful sleep in any way.

Body weight
  • star-half-empty
    Users with less body weight:                                                           

    If you are one of those who does not weigh much then I must tell you that the probability of you sinking deep into the mattress is perhaps less than the heavier users. Thus, you can choose the firmer mattresses for yourself.

    Well using buying a memory foam for such users can prove to be a great choice. These mattresses are very comfortable and soft within a reasonable price. Also, these mattresses have longer lasting capability in them.

  • Users with greater body weight:

    This is a case when you should be very careful while choosing a mattress for yourself. This is because mattresses tend to sink inside more often when used by such users. But there is nothing to worry as I am here with the perfect solution for buyers who are overweight.

    Well, such users should choose denser mattresses for themselves in order to avoid the sinking problem and thus attain a comfortable sleep. If you are one of those users who like cooler sleep with greater support level then you should obviously choose an inner spring mattress for yourself but if you these conditions do not matter to you much then you can choose softer mattresses with a greater number of layers and density to enhance your comfort on the bed.

  • Users with optimum body weight:

    Users who tend to have the perfect body weight are those with a maximum number of advantages. This is because almost all the types of mattresses available on the market can be perfect for them. It just depends on the users which type of mattress do they prefer.

    You can choose any mattress amongst the innerspring, memory foam, latex or universal comfort for your use and thus get the most comfortable and luxurious feeling on a bed.

Body posture while sleeping

This is another important factor that you should take into consideration while sleeping. There are different types of body posture during sleeping. Many people might sleep sidewise while others might sleep on their back or stomach. Thus, knowing which type of mattress suits these users with different body posture is very important

Body posture while sleeping
  • star-half-empty
    Side sleepers                                                     

    People who lie sidewise tend to make a greater number of movements during sleep. As a result, they keep on change position thus the pressure points. As a result, taking a wrong decision and buying an unsuitable mattress can lead them to lower back pain, shoulder pain, and even neck pain.

    Well to avoid these issues all you have to do is take a right decision at the right time. Side sleepers should usually stick to mattresses that are firmer than the rest. Soft in a way that they can adjust to your body shapes and give greater support to the pressure points.

    The softness level such users should choose is 3-6 on a scale of 10 with 10 the softest on the scale. As a result of getting the mattresses with the perfect softness, the level can give you the perfect sleep giving you relief from all your worries leading you to a better and happier life.

  • star-half-empty
    Back sleepers

    These are sleepers are at the peak point of the danger of suffering from protracting back pain. Thus, taking a wrong decision might seem to be a dangerous one for them.

    People who sleep on their back do not usually change their position during sleep much often thus they may suffer from problems related to pressure points.

    Thus, to eradicate these issues while sleeping these sleepers should choose mattresses with medium firmness. That is 4-7 on a scale of 10. This is because softer mattresses might not give them enough support thus creating pressure points giving you an uncomfortable experience.

    Thus, as firmness and support both the factors are so important for people who sleep on their back should rely on mattresses with a medium softness

  • star-half-empty
    Stomach sleepers

    ​These are sleepers who need an equal support throughout their body while sleeping in order to avoid pain in their body after they wake up.

    Thus, a softness level of 5-7 out of a scale of 10 will be a perfect one for them.

Optimum temperature for different users

​This is a factor that is very important. This is because some users might prefer cooler feeling on the bed while others love the warmth they get from their mattresses.

For users who prefer cooler sleep should go for latex mattresses. This will make you feel cooler if you are a hot sleeper. Due to the advancement in technology, the time has arrived when you no longer have to bear the irritation of sweating at night that might also result in rashes.

Well not to worry if you are a cool sleeper who prefers greater warmth from their mattress. I do also have a great solution for you. Tempur predicts model of mattresses can be a solution for you. In easier words, softer mattresses can be a better choice for you. This is because as it sinks more than other mattresses it prevents air flow making you feel warmer. Getting a warmer sleep can prevent you from the risks of diseases like arthritis.

Optimum temperature for different users


This is perhaps the most crucial factor while buying a mattress. With the wide range of collection of mattresses in the market, the price of the mattresses also varies a great deal.


We can never rely on the fact that higher the price better the quality. A medium priced good product according to your needs can give you better comfort than an expensive mattress.

But yes, selecting a budget before going in search for a mattress can help you from getting lost. A budget of about $1000 can be a good one. This budget will give let you decide from a wide range of mattresses. Going below it will minimize your options and also result in getting you bad quality mattress.

Mattresses are something that you are going to purchase for a longer period of time. Thus, spending a bit more on it for getting yourself the best quality product is perhaps reasonable.

Another thing that I would I like to mention is that many low budget mattresses might come with a longer time period of warranty making you feel that it might be of very good quality.

But this might be wrong. This is because the warranty is just a mere marketing policy. The quality of the product has nothing to do with it.

Che​ck out this video on how to choose a mattress:

Now that you are familiar with how to choose a mattress, buying a mattress for yourself will no longer be a complicated task for you. The points that you should consider while buying a mattress should be kept in mind.

Keep your eyes wide open while purchasing a mattress be it from online or from a store and choose the best one for you very wisely.

Well, them the most comfortable experience on the bed is not too far. Your long tiring days will get a happy ending with a perfect sleep. Thus, leading you to feel better at work and giving your 100-perfect efficiency in everything you do.

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