How to Clean a Mattress

Firstly, I would like to start by asking you a question? What is the first thing you do after cleaning up yourself when you return back from work?

The answer certainly is that you lie down. The wait of resting your back on your comfortable mattress is finally over. It is the time you have waited for all day long.

But what if the feeling of comfort comes with itching due to the formation of dust mites or other
bacteria on your mattress? And what if the bad smell on your mattress form due to your pets or urine of your child mixes with your perfume odor and finally forms a cocktail?

Well, I know by now your eyes must have reached up on your forehead and hands on your chin. Ha Ha!

Remove all those tension lines from your forehead as I am here packed with all the information from my research work on how to clean a mattress. This is good news for both an old or new housewife or even for those thousands of working women who cannot manage enough time to clean their beddings on a regular basis.

Anyways, the above paragraphs were not to scare you with a thought of nasty dirt on your mattress but to make you realize why cleaning a mattress is necessary. Many of us don’t even have the mere idea that a mattress can even be cleaned.

But as I said I am here with all the solutions to make your bed as clean as possible. So, no worries at all.

Cleaning a bed might seem to be a very tough and tiring job for you if you are not aware of how to do it step by step. But I can assure you that if you note down the few simple levels of cleaning a mattress I am going to state below this job is going to be the easiest one.

Most of the times it is seen that we tend to clean our sitting rooms or furniture we use rarely more often but forget to clean the most used element at home “our mattress” even once a year! Sounds surprising, isn’t it?

So, following these simple levels of cleaning a mattress, you can change the trend and make your good night’s sleep even more comfortable. You can assure an even more pleasant time with your partner on the bed or even a better sleep for your growing child.
Let’s not waste more time and move on to the simple levels of cleaning a mattress.

  • Level : 1
  • This level is an easy one. This is because at this level you just have to empty your bed. You need to remove all the things that you keep on your bed. It might be your pillows, bed sheets and even the pads you use on your mattress.

    After that, you will remove the pillow covers and keep it for washing along with the bed sheets. For better results and assurance that almost all dust mites and bacteria are removed, you should wash the mattress covers with the hottest water possible in your washing machine and good quality detergent.

    The drying process should also be done with the warmest temperature possible. This will give you the cleanest covers possible and make you happier than ever before.

  • The only thing you should consider during this process is that few fabrics might have a problem with very hot water thus check for the directions of cleaning beforehand to avoid any sort of problem.

  • Level : 2
  • Move all the bedding materials

    Excited to know about the next level! The next thing you have to do is shift all your belongings in a different room in a different room so that the cleaning process of your mattress cannot affect your pillows and increase your work even further.

    After setting everything properly in a clean place get started with your main work! That is cleaning your beloved mattress.

  • Level : 3
  • So, if you are done with the first two levels of cleaning or perhaps getting your mattress ready to be clean you can go forward for the third level. The third step is to use a vacuum cleaner and clean the surface of your mattress. The vacuum cleaner should be good enough so that it can suck up the maximum amount of dust particles, mites or other bacteria.

    If you want to clean every part of the mattress precisely with complete efficiency then the requirement is to use one with long upholstery nozzle. This enables the vacuum cleaner to reach almost any parts of the mattress be it a crack type area or one in the smallest corner.

    The brush attachment should off course be wide. This is because wider the brush attachment the cleaner mattress you will get. It will be able to remove more and more debris, dust particles, dead skin or even hair found on the mattress.

    Another thing you should keep in mind during level three of your cleaning process is that you should clean the brush attachment and the nozzle thoroughly beforehand.

  • Level : 4
  • Now that you are happy that you have succeeded to remove almost all dust from the mattress you should move on to the next level fast for getting a clean mattress by looks, just as it was when you had bought it.

    Yes, in this level you will have to give a thorough look at your mattress. This is in order to find out any sort of recent liquid spills on your mattress.

    In case you get one take a white cloth and damp it using cold water. Now use it to blot the spot of the spill. Continue until the spot vanishes. Make sure you are not rubbing the place of the spot as this can result in increasing the depth of the spot.

  • Level : 5
  • This step is a very crucial one. This is because no matter how clean your mattress is if any sort of stain remains in your mattress it is in any way going to look dirty. Thus, all your hard work will ultimately go in vain. That is something you, of course, do not want, right?

    Thus, I am here with solutions about how to remove the various type of stains using specific remedies.

  • Well if you find out any sort of ink stain on your mattress don’t feel tensed that your beloved expensive mattress will look bad not. This is because one simple ingredient can vanish this stain at once.

    The ingredient used in this process is normal hair spray. You can use a cheap one if you wish to spend less. Do not rub the mattress with it as I told you earlier that rubbing can cause the stain to go deeper into your mattress.

    You can simply smudge the stain with a cloth after spraying some water and hair spray. Then finally let it dry. You can repeat this process until and unless all the ink stain disappears.

    This solution can finally save your child from getting scolded by you on spoiling your mattress!

  • Surged Soda

    Soda might sometimes spill on your bed during odor removal process or in other ways thus knowing the formula to remove the stain is very important. You can clean it using very simple homely remedies.

    The only things you will have to use is hot water and detergent. Mix both the ingredients well and yes, your mixture is ready. Spray some of it on a clean cloth and again use it to blot the stain. And then see the spilled soda vanish in front of your eyes.

  • No one likes their bed to be dirty and the existence of fecal stains… well, no way at all! This not leaves a spot on the mattress but may also leave certain extent of bad odor in your mattress.

    Well, I do have a solution for this issue too. This is because I want that the readers should be able to clean any sort of dirt from their mattress.

    So, to remove stains of feces from your mattress you can spill some baking soda on your mattress. Then simply leave it for few hours. After letting the baking soda do its job for few hours you can simply remove the baking soda using a vacuum cleaner.

    This process will not only help you to remove the stains but also help to get rid of any sort of bad odor.

  • biological stain basically refers to the strains of vomiting, blood, sweat, urine or other bodily fluids. This is more common in houses where there are babies, corporate people or even married couples.

    Thus, in order to remove the stain, you can simply use enzyme cleaners. They are easily found in any departmental store. As a result, you will not have to worry about its availability.

    The enzyme cleaner simply breaks down the proteins in the biological stain and removes it as a result giving you a cleaner mattress.

    Now coming to the main point, that is how to use it. You can simply spray some enzyme cleaner on a clean cloth and then use it to blot the stain. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Then you can further use the same cloth to remove the stain by blotting it or by using a wet cloth.

    This is a very effective process with almost 100 percent guaranteed rate of stain removal.

  • Oil Or Grease Stain

    oil is considered to be a biological reagent. As a result, this can also be cleaned using an enzyme cleaner. The steps mentioned in “d” can be used to remove oil or grease stains if any.

  • Firstly, I will mention the ingredients you will need to make the mixture needed in the cleaning process. The ingredients to be used are hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap.

    Now I will tell you how easily you can make this simple but effective mixture. Add 2 table spoons of 30 ml hydrogen peroxide with 1 table spoon of 15 ml liquid dish soap. Stir them properly and form a fine mixture.

    After the making of this mixture is done you will simply use an old tooth brush to rub on the stain gently and then wipe that area with a wet cloth.

    Here you go as you can remove almost all sorts of stains very easily using simple homely remedies.

    One thing that you should obviously keep in mind while removing stains from your mattress is that do not allow it to get wet. This is because they are made in such a way that they should not be kept wet. This precaution is a must for memory foam mattresses especially.

  • Level : 6
  • So now you are done with almost all the difficult parts of cleaning your mattress. Your next job now will be to deal with any sort of odor present in the mattress. This will make you get the feel of a cleaner mattress. A fresh mattress is all you want and thus the odor removal is a part of cleaning your mattress that you cannot escape.

    During this process, you can either take just soda or soda mixed with 5 or 6 drops of oil with good smell of your choice. Then you will sprinkle it on the surface of the mattress. Sprinkle it evenly in every part so that no odor can exist after the cleaning process is done.

    Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes at a minimum level. The more time you keep it the cleaner mattress you will get. That is you can keep it for about 1 whole day. As a result, more and more liquid remains from the spot removal process can be absorbed along with the bad odor and the acids that remains can be broken down. Thus, giving you a completely odorless mattress.

    The next step will be to remove the baking soda from the surface of the mattress using a vacuum cleaner. Clean it thoroughly so that no baking soda remains. Make sure all the corners and crack parts are covered during cleaning with the vacuum cleaner.

  • Level : 7
  • Yes, now that you are done with all the cleaning process you must be wondering what can be left. To your concern, I must tell you that the freshness that nature gives us can be compared with none.

    Thus, our final step in this cleaning process will be to air out your clean mattress. You can do this my exposing your mattress to the sun. that is, open the window and let the sun and air in during summer.

    This is a very useful process in drying out the mattress completely and to make sure no liquid remains. Another thing is that the air out process allows the UV ray in the sun remove any sort of bacteria, bad odor or molds from your mattress permanently.

  • Level : 8
  • Once all the above steps are initiated you will have to do a tough job. That is, flip your mattress upside down to 180 degrees. This will not only help to avoid uneven mattress but also allow to give your mattress an overall cleaning. You can take the help of someone strong during the flipping process.

    After you are done with flipping your mattress you will have to repeat level: 3 to level: 7 as stated above.

    As a result, you will get a clean mattress from every angle after level: 8 of the cleaning process is completed. You will no longer feel dust while lying down or feel irritated due to allergy or rashes formed due to dust mites or other dust particles.

  • Level : 9
  • So, by now all the bed sheets and pillow covers that you had given to be washed must be ready to be used all over again. Apply the mattress protector, the bed sheets properly and prepare your bed just as it was kept before.

    Arrange all the pillows in an organized manner as per your wish. And yes your mattress is completely ready to be used!

By now you must be happy thinking that a job that seemed to be almost impossible a while ago feels to be the easiest one right now. Isn’t it? Just a few steps and then you will get your favorite mattress just the way it was when bought as new.

This cleaning process is very easy and if enough if you carry out only twice or thrice a week. You will no longer feel embarrassed on arrival of an uncertain guest as your house will be clean and ready for guests any time from now on.

Thus, from this research work of almost 2 days, I got to know one very important formula of a happy life. That​​​​ is cleanliness. Cleanliness of your mattress can not only enhance your peace and relaxation on the bed but also help to provide you a healthier life!

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