How to Dispose of a Mattress

There are some things we need to dispose of carefully and safely to make sure the disposal does not damage or pollute the environment. We often witness junk dumped on the road and pedestrians pass by the garbage whining about it.

Some people dump waste outside their house without covering it with any plastic or paper bags and let the air get polluted and impure.

Is that correct?

No. We should always dispose of junk in a way that it does not have any negative impact on the surroundings. Mattress is one if the objects that need to be responsibly disposed of.

We can get rid of old mattresses by the easy following ways without damaging the environment.


  • The best way to get rid of an old mattress is to donate the mattress. We can ask our friends or relatives if they are looking for an extra mattress or if they want to exchange it with another mattress.

    This way we can also get rid of the old mattress and get a new one. If we cannot find any known people to give away the mattress to, we can donate the mattress to the charity. 

We can check if the local organizations or institutions are able to take the mattress. If yes then well, and if not then there are several nonprofit organizations who will be glad to take the mattress.

Besides we can also donate the mattress to a mosque, church or any orphanage, but the best option will be to donate it to homeless children.

In this way the children will get a place to sleep peacefully, in addition we will gain some blessings. 


  • If the mattress was not roughly used and gently taken care of then we can consider selling it to others, but we have to be careful if the mattress does not harbor bed bugs or have tear and wear. We can take picture of the mattress and post in on the internet on reselling sites.

    We have to keep in mind that the price has to be cheap, as it is a used mattress.

     It is possible to deal bigger but for that we need to spend some money on the mattress first, which is sending the mattress to the laundry and get the visible and obvious stains cleaned.

    After the mattress becomes dirt free we can sell it at a better price than before and to increase the chance of sale we can mention the mattress’s brand.


  • First, roll then tie the mattress and try to fit it in the vehicle. Once we reach the recycling centre the workers of the centre will help us carry the mattress to the destination.

    Later, they will dispose of the mattress in an appropriate way without harming the atmosphere.  

✅Return to the trader✅

  • If we are to purchase a new mattress then we can ask the trader if we can return the mattress that was previously purchased. Many traders and manufactures do the duty of recycling old materials themselves.

    Whereas, some sellers themselves face difficulties while disposing of mattresses, therefore they sign up contracts with specialized recycling centers.

    Either the sellers send the wrecked mattresses to the recycling centre or the assistants of the center come and take away the mattress to its destination.

    Sometimes recycling centers take a small amount of fee for that, or may do it for free. 

✅Mattress recycling✅

  • The simplest way of getting rid of a damaged mattress is to contact mattress recycling agency. There are businesses focused only at recycling mattresses. These types of agencies collect mattress and use every part, starting from springs to the fabrics.

    No material is wasted, thus there is less risk of harming the surroundings. We can get their contact number through internet from official website of the mattress recycling agency and ask them to cart off the mattress.

     The assistants will come home and carry away the used mattress. However, this process includes an amount of money that needs to be paid by us to the mattress recycling agency.

✅Free to collector✅

  • If we have trouble donating or selling the mattress for any reason, we can go for classified advertising and offer a free mattress.

    Classified advertising is a type of advertisement which is usually common in newspaper and online, this type of advertisements is typically used for giving away products for free.

    Classified advertisements reach to a greater number of readers at a very cheap cost.

    As a result, those who are in need of a free mattress will contact us and take the mattress, as there is a saying ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

✅Confined authority✅

  • Some areas have a service of disposal of furniture or any other huge items, which sometimes charge a small amount of fee but this is an easy way of getting rid of unnecessary household waste.

    However, not all areas have confined or local authority.

✅Throw away✅

  • If the mattress is way too wrecked to donate or sell, we can always throw away the mattress. We need to break down the mattress ourselves.

    We have to rupture off the components such as cutting around the perimeter of the fabric and unwrap the clothing then remove all the foam, pull out the springs and edges.

    The next thing we have to do is combine all the separate materials into a compact bundle, and then throw in the trash can. If the mattress has wooden frames then we have to cut it with a saw but we have to be very cautious.

    Later, we can throw away the wooden chips or give it to the recycling centers.

✅ Re-Purpose ✅

  • We can give a new verve to the new mattress. We can reuse the mattress in the guestroom, in the living room and make flooring cot or can make it a new bed for fur babies (cats, dogs or other pets).

    We can also take help of DIY sites to find ways how to reuse the mattress.

    Do it yourself (DIY) is a technique of repairing or modifying things without the help of any specialist or expert.

These are the common ways of disposing of a mattress appropriately without harming the neighborhood and atmosphere. However, mattress disposal does not always have to be hectic or costly.

We can dispose of it in many ways without spending a single penny.

We usually whine when it comes to getting rid of an old mattress, but we can always ask for assistance. Mattress disposal should not be much difficult if we follow any of the above mentioned methods.

Here are some more processes of mattress disposal which we should strictly avoid.

✅ Fly tipping ✅

We should firmly avoid fly tipping old mattresses. Fly tipping is the dumping of waste or garbage illegally onto land, road or public area.

In some countries, we can even get fined a high amount of money if we get caught by the authority.

Furthermore, disposing of mattress on the road or footpath will create troubles for the drivers and pedestrians.

Car accidents may occur and walkers may tumble over and severely get injured. In addition, fly tipping shows we are not responsible towards our environment and society, and shows we disrespect people’s health and safety.

✅ Do not just throw away ✅

If the mattress is of any use we should not break it down or just throw it away. We should keep in mind that all the materials of a mattress can be sensibly recycled for good purposes.

For example mattress foam can be used for making carpets, the fabrics can be recycled at textile or clothing industries,

spring can be used for making new mattresses and the wooden chips can be used for making handicrafts such as small wooden photo frame and garden compost.

✅ Do not burn ✅

Burning should never be an option of getting rid of old mattresses. Burning waste releases toxic chemicals which mix up in the air, making the air turn ash which is an indicator that inhaling this air will be unhealthy for our heart.

 Acids and other harmful chemicals are also emitted by burning wastes which can make it difficult for us to breathe and even create asthmatic problems.

The impact of burning may not be immediate but it slowly destroys us from inside. The serious emissions can damage our kidneys, liver, lungs and nervous system.

The best way to procrastinate all these troubles is to make the mattress last longer. If we can keep the mattress in good shape for a very long time, we do not have to bear the difficulties of mattress disposal. Here are some tricks for making a mattress last a very long time.

✅ Mattress protector ✅

  • We should get a mattress protector from the beginning, since a good quality mattress will offer water proof protection and will reduce the amount of dust. This will save us from accidental spills, sweat and oil.

✅ Mattress box ✅

  • We can buy a ready made mattress wooden box or customized mattress box. The bed frame will help the mattress perform better and become stronger and firmer.

✅ Mattress protector ✅

  • We should get a mattress protector from the beginning, since a good quality mattress will offer water proof protection and will reduce the amount of dust. This will save us from accidental spills, sweat and oil.

✅ Turn the mattress ✅

  • We should often turn and rotate the mattress, if we do not do that then the mattress will soften easily and become uneven. For a brand new mattress this is more important, as we are breaking in the mattress. This will extend the life span of the mattress.

✅ Vacuum regularly ✅ 

  • Mattress old or new does not matter because vacuuming regularly is crucial for all mattresses. A vacuum machine takes in all the dust and dirt. People who are allergic or have the fear of dust they should mainly vacuum their mattresses and beds every day.

✅ Follow instructions ✅

  • We should always follow the manufacturer cleaning directions. It is important that we know what type of chemical or bleach should be avoided to clean the mattress. Some chemical cleaners are harsh which can destroy the fabric of the mattress. Different types of mattress brands have their unique way of cleaning mattress. It is essential that we follow the instructions.

✅ Avoid jumping ✅

  • We should not let kids or adults jump on the bed, it is not a good idea. The foundation and springs may get damaged or broken in a very short time. Avoid jumping is one the best and simplest ways to increase the longevity of the mattress.

✅ Cautious while moving ✅

  • We should be cautious while moving the mattress. It is better not to move the mattress, but if it is necessary we should cover it with plastic first. We should avoid bending or folding the mattress and be aware of scratches, dirt and water.

✅ Avoid eating on it ✅

  • Eating on mattress may leave crumbs and stains. We may accidently spill juice or ketchup, which may leave permanent visible stains. Thus, we should avoid eating on the mattress or bed.

✅ Keep bed sheets clean ✅

  • We should regularly clean bed sheets because crumbs, hair, skin cells may produce germs and bacteria. The microbes will get into the mattress layers if we do not change the bed sheets and pillow covers regularly.  

These ways are very easy to follow and require a little effort. Moreover, it is not healthy to use a patchy and dirty mattress as it hampers our health condition. Also, by following the ways we can save the money we were to spend on a new mattress and get away with the troubles of disposing of a mattress.

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